MICAEL MATTHEWS is a South African luxury brand founded in 2017 by Micael Matthews. Prior to its conception, BABYXDADDY, a brand he initially constructed in 2015, also inspired by street fashion, paved the way for MICAEL MATTHEWS. A transition that refined, defined and fabricated the concept. Born during an exhilarating time where luxury brands are curating an open and inclusive dialogue in the industry, MICAEL MATTHEWS creations echo the evolution of streetwear where street meets luxury and primarily, luxury meets meaning. Streetwear is one of the greatest cultural phenomena’s in the world following paradigmatic brands that shaped creativity throughout history, MICAEL MATTHEWS, inspired by street savvy geniuses such as Jerry Lorenzo, Rhuigi Villasenor, Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones, is influencing and defining culture and fashion one T-shirt at a time.

Tethered to countless ideas and nostalgic references, Micael’s relationship with streetwear is unique. “Streetwear has played a significant role in my life as a creative, solely because its foundation has been built on culture, inclusivity, diversity and attitude”, he says, four elements that drive his story and approach to every detail. With Hip-hop as the core influence, freedom and individuality as the driving force, MICAEL MATTHEWS is a house built on unapologetic stories infused with culture, history, energy and vibrance. Streetwear’s reputation is an inspiring phenomenon, it without fail evokes heart; a bond the house of MICAEL MATTHEWS has with its audience.

Quality is diverse and not a fixed concept and that is the essence of MICAEL MATTHEWS, the essence reflects quality in authenticity and relatability, approach and engagement and lastly, quality in producing garments that provide comfort and confidence. The house of MICAEL MATTHEWS, dating back to its first collection ‘First things first’, a mantra that spoke about daring to dream, prioritizing ones dreams and making them a reality; ‘Declaration’, the second, which is an announcement that speaks about a calling that has been answered, standing firm in one’s passion and knowing where one is going. The latest collection, ‘SHADES OF SELF SS22’ being a continuation of a vision that will live for generations to come, build and inspire other ideas; and stand as an empire that encourages generational wealth, culture and luxury. The three things that have been Micael’s personal source of inspiration and truth and are currently making a difference in his life and others.