AMIRI founder Mike Amiri began his career in fashion by hand-crafting unique stage pieces for legendary L.A. performers. Inspired by such compelling, heroic figures, the designer explored a unique D.I.Y. sensibility with his hand-embellished, one-off creations that riffed on the countercultural influences of his youth.
In 2014, Mike established AMIRI. While remaining connected to his west-coast roots and maverick spirit, Mike has built a global luxury fashion house celebrated for its bold artistic vision, proudly steeped in Americana, and refined, world-class craftsmanship.
Now one of the fastest-growing businesses in the U.S. luxury fashion market, AMIRI’s momentous growth reflects the brand’s successful reception globally. A fast trajectory followed bi-annual shows at Paris Fashion Week and a robust international wholesale business that secured leading retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Selfridges in London, and Joyce in Hong Kong. In 2021, AMIRI womenswear debuted: a manifestation of the brand’s archetypical, empowered woman, offering a complete expression of the AMIRI universe.
In 2020, AMIRI opened a flagship L.A. store, setting the tone for the brand’s most immersive experience yet – offering up Mike’s contemporary translation of Californian lifestyle and a relaxed expression of American luxury. In 2021, AMIRI opened stores in Las Vegas, New York, and, in 2022, Miami, Tokyo and Shanghai.
As AMIRI’s presence expands globally, a strong sense of integrity, authenticity and a commitment to quality guides every facet of the business, from company culture to creative pursuits. Mike’s eternal reverence for art, freedom, and craft, expressed through unparalleled handiwork, remains forever an anchor.