Capturing the Skate Culture and Spirit of Los Angeles

Founded by Francesco Ragazzi, Palm Angels began as a photographic documentation of LA’s skateboarding scene and evolved into a fashion label that embodies the raw, laid-back aesthetic of Californian skate culture. Launched in 2015, Palm Angels celebrates the intersection of streetwear with high fashion, delivering a unique vision of contemporary style.

Palm Angels is renowned for its juxtaposition of rugged streetwear and luxurious elements. The brand’s collections often feature relaxed silhouettes, bold graphics, and a monochromatic color palette, punctuated with pops of vibrant colors. Its designs capture the essence of Los Angeles’ skate culture, infused with an artistic and rebellious spirit.

The brand has gained a following for its tracksuits, graphic tees, and flamboyant yet sophisticated designs, appealing to those who appreciate fashion that breaks the mold. Palm Angels’ collaborations with brands and artists have further diversified its offerings, making each collection a fresh take on street-luxury.

At La Familia Street Culture, we are thrilled to present Palm Angels, a brand that encapsulates the rebellious and free-spirited nature of skate culture. Our collection offers a selection of Palm Angels’ iconic pieces, perfect for those who embrace a lifestyle where luxury meets the streets. Discover the effortless cool of Palm Angels with us, where each item is a statement of unconventional luxury and bold style.