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Protect The Family - La Familia Street Culture

Introducing ‘Protect the Family,’ a Collection Steeped in Heritage and Vision

Launched amidst the creative fervor of our memorable First Thursday event at Cutthroat Familia, ‘Protect the Family’ is more than a fashion line—it’s a statement of legacy and unity. Debuting on the runway at the African Fashion International Experience announcement party on August 3, 2017, this collection resonates with the spirit of familial bonds and cultural pride.

Crafted with the essence of our heritage, ‘Protect the Family’ made its mark under the prestigious Mercedes Fashion Week, showcasing at the Xperience event. Between August 17th and 19th, 2017, a series of shows unveiled this unique project, blending the vibrancy of African fashion with our distinct streetwear aesthetic.

This collection embodies our journey—rooted in the streets of Sandton, inspired by our community, and brought to life on the grand stage of fashion. ‘Protect the Family’ invites you to be part of our story, where each piece is a testament to our ethos: embracing heritage, nurturing community, and redefining streetwear with a touch of elegance and boldness.

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